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Investing in Our People — Our Greatest Asset

Offering opportunities and supporting core values

Our human capital is critically important to all Intercontinental Exchange stakeholders — the Board, management, its stockholders and our employees. Our track record is one of growth and innovation driven by highly capable and engaged teams. Since our inception, we have entered new businesses and completed acquisitions, both large and small. Most recently, we acquired Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of financial market data; Standard & Poor’s Securities Evaluations (SPSE) and Credit Market Analysis, as well as a majority stake in MERSCORP Holdings, which operates a U.S. national electronic registry system for mortgage loans.

As part of our growth — both organically and through acquisitions — and to maintain our focus on customers, we must attract and retain the best talent around the world. The field is competitive and the expectations are high: pay for performance, a diverse and inclusive work environment, significant opportunities for career growth and a culture that drives engagement, innovation and success.

We’re a diverse company, operating more than 50 offices in 21 countries to serve a diverse customer base across global markets. We come from a variety of backgrounds and speak more than 25 languages. But the thing we all share is a culture that puts our customers first. The principles that serve as the foundation for our culture and that we strive to embody with everything we do are:

Professionalism & Integrity
Problems Solving & Decision Making

Open communication is a hallmark of our culture and has been since our founding. Employees are encouraged to interact with and share ideas with all levels of management, regardless of seniority. From the design of our office space, to our internal communications systems, our social events and our work policies, we focus on generating as much collaboration as possible.

Our success depends on every employee working together and adopting these core values and putting them into practice every single day.

Teamwork Drives Business Continuity Programs

Business continuity is the ability of an organization to maintain essential functions and operate its services during, as well as after, a disaster has occurred. Teamwork — a core Intercontinental Exchange value — is at the heart of business continuity planning, strategy and execution.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or manmade, it’s the business continuity team that prepares the company to continue its critical operations. The planning process involves defining potential risks, determining how those risks will impact operations, implementing safeguards and procedures designed to mitigate those risks, testing those processes to ensure they work and periodically reviewing them to make sure all plans are up to date.

Mary Beth Vigneron, who has been with the company for two years, serves as the manager of business continuity planning for the New York Stock Exchange. “What impresses me about our company is how integral teamwork is, and especially in our business continuity program,” Vigneron said.

“We all have a stake in our success. We collaborate across borders and time zones. When there’s an issue, we are in sync as a team. We need others to be our eyes on the ground, whether it’s a transit strike in Europe that affects our employees’ ability to get to work, or a hurricane that’s on the way to New York. We can do the planning, but execution often occurs by others. It takes planning and rehearsals or drills to ensure success.”

Policies and Processes Drive Compliance

We are committed to maintaining systems and processes that protect our employees and avoid any issue that can be perceived as a human rights violation. We implement policies related to non-discrimination, equal opportunity and non-harassment. We believe that our approach to professionalism, respect and integrity has served our company well, and continues to ensure that the rights of our employees and applicants are protected around the world. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations on forced or child labor, and the rights of employees to organize a union.

Our code of conduct is designed to ensure compliance with our core values that focus on professionalism and integrity. Our policies address non-discrimination, harassment, workplace safety, working hours, compensation and data privacy. We are committed to diversity throughout our ranks, including the management team, the boards of our subsidiaries and our corporate board.

Showcasing Diversity

As the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, we have a unique opportunity to help raise awareness for organizations through the Opening and Closing Bell ceremonies at the start and end of daily stock trading. Among the women’s organizations we were able to help highlight in 2016 were:

  • Women Who Code
  • Women in Bio
  • Women in ETFs
  • American Association of University Women
  • Women in the World
  • Girls Who Invest
  • Girls Who Code
  • Women’s Equality Day
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
  • She Leads Africa
  • Girls in Tech
  • 100 Women in Hedge Funds

We are proud to help showcase diversity initiatives and lessons from our community of listed companies. Here are some of the thought leaders and topics we highlighted in 2016:

See more perspectives from the next generation of female leaders

The First Woman of Finance

Mickie Siebert

Muriel “Mickie” Siebert was the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and the first to head one of its member firms, Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc. Siebert was also a pioneer in the discount brokerage field, transforming her firm into a discount brokerage in 1975 on the first day NYSE members were allowed to negotiate commissions. In 1977, she put her firm in a blind trust to serve as New York State’s first woman Superintendent of Banking for five years, and under her watch, not a single banking institution failed.

Through the Muriel F. Siebert Foundation, she developed the “Siebert Personal Finance Program: Taking Control of Your Financial Future,” a financial literacy program that has improved the lives of innumerable middle and high school students and adults by teaching them essential financial skills. In keeping with her personal vision, Siebert worked tirelessly to promote financial literacy among our nation’s citizens.

The NYSE management team dedicated Siebert Hall at the New York Stock Exchange on November 15, 2016. The dedication of Siebert Hall is the first time a room at the NYSE, designated a National Historic Landmark in 1978, has been named after an individual. The room features memorabilia from her career gifted to the NYSE by the Estate of Muriel F. Siebert after her death in 2013. Throughout her career, she was involved with a wide range of non-profit, civic and women’s organizations, a tradition we are proud to carry on at the NYSE and throughout Intercontinental Exchange, including through donations from the ICE NYSE Foundation to financial education organizations.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

The importance of reaching top talent around the world has never been greater. We continue to work on developing, retaining and recruiting the best and the brightest. And we continue to leverage technology to reach more people globally. Our company invests in social media engagement, virtual interview technology and other innovative ways to reach into the talent pipeline.

Educational Cooperation Helps Identify Emerging Talent

Part of our ICE Data Services business is based in Tel Aviv and we seek out talented developers and financial analysts there to help drive development of new innovative products and services. Alliances with universities and research centers are critical in helping us meet our hiring needs.

A notable example comes from our partnerships in Israel with Tel Aviv University, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and with Gvahim, a not-for-profit career development program for highly skilled immigrants.

We have cooperated with the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya since 2011, participating in employment fairs in which we actively recruit and hire employees to serve our data and analytics business. At job fairs, we introduce students and graduates to our company and scout for talented applicants.

“We at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya aim to provide our students with a combination of scholarly excellence and practical experience in the international business arena of the 21st century,” said Hagit Bergman, Career Advisor. “In order to achieve this goal, we have established a strong relationship with ICE, who has recruited many of our graduates over the years. They started participating in our career fair many years ago when we were still building a name for ourselves, and for that we are grateful.”

Merav Lezmy was recruited to ICE’s Reval Support team thanks to the participation in a job fair. She immigrated to Israel from Scotland, and attended the International Business School Program at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Today she is a developer at ICE Data Services.

With Tel Aviv University, we have similar career center alliances that actively feed undergraduate and MBA candidates to our company. In addition, we present annually in the University’s “Meet the financial industry” conference at the School of Management.

ICE's Pay-For-Performance Culture

Since our founding, we have had a pay-for-performance culture that aligns the interests of our employees and stockholders. Equity compensation is not just for corporate officers. The vast majority of employees received annual equity awards in 2016. The amount of compensation delivered via compensation programs varies by role. We believe this pay-for-performance philosophy distinguishes us from our peer group and supports and strengthensa culture that continues to drive success.

Ongoing Learning and Training for Employees

Given our industry — financial and data services — and the technology focus of our operations, we have a highly educated workforce. More than half of our 5,600 employees operate in technical roles, and many of them have post-graduate degrees. We invest in our people and their careers. We believe that this helps build value for the company, our customers and our stockholders. We offer a range of development opportunities to meet the needs of our people to help them grow in their current roles and be well positioned for future opportunities.

Our success depends on all employees understanding how their work contributes to the company-wide business strategy and we work hard to create a culture that encourages open communication and collaboration. We employ multiple tools to ensure that we are providing regular updates on our businesses. These include a daily recap of press coverage, midday market updates, weekly newsletters, video, educational sessions and a robust and interactive intranet, among other tools for building knowledge and sharing information. And our CEO and CFO provide commentary and analysis in conjunction with earnings reports, as well as throughout the year as initiatives are launched, and on an ad hoc basis to ensure the flow of communication.

We support our employees both professionally and personally so that they remain engaged and motivated. Our comprehensive benefits packages give employees and their families the resources to support their health, safety and well-being.

Employees, contractors and suppliers, as well as guests, receive training to understand workplace health and safety. While most of our work is conducted in an office environment, in some locations, such as data centers, more detailed information specific to the site is provided to ensure equipment is handled properly.

All of these factors help support a strong retention record in our locations around the world. As we continue to grow, we believe that the combination of our culture, performance-driven compensation and development programs will continue to drive our ability to attract and retain top talent.

CTO Drives Customer Focus, Innovation — Mayur Kapani

Mayur Kapani’s first job in an auto manufacturing plant in India opened the door for him to recognize how technology can transform business. He has since seen how its integration can help change the face of financial services. Today, he is the Chief Technology Officer for Intercontinental Exchange, overseeing the company’s global technology infrastructure, which supports exchanges, clearing houses and data services.

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