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Dear Fellow Stakeholder,

At Intercontinental Exchange we help companies raise capital, manage risk and access data. Through our exchanges, clearing houses and data services we serve as a neutral venue for the exchange of risk, capital, resources and ideas. We also believe we have a responsibility to serve as a hub for best practices and innovation in order to move markets forward, and as a result, we have a strong appreciation for the importance of corporate responsibility. We believe that a commitment to corporate responsibility benefits our employees, our customers and our stockholders.

When we formed Intercontinental Exchange as a small business with a handful of employees in 2000, we established a culture that was based on a strong ethical and entrepreneurial foundation that has created value for our customers, shareholders and employees. While we have grown and evolved dramatically during our first 17 years — we now have more than 5,600 employees — those founding tenets have not changed. We have worked to protect our culture and nurture it with every new employee and every new business venture.

And you can see in our 2016 annual report — — our approach continues to serve us well. 2016 was the best year in our company’s history, continuing our track record of revenue and earnings growth each year as a public company. Through careful deployment of both our financial and human capital we focused on generating growth opportunities, managing costs, mitigating risks and contributing to strong markets for our customers and vibrant communities where we live and do business.

In this report, we are providing an overview of our approach to corporate responsibility with a focus on four core areas:

  • Development of our people
  • Service to our communities
  • Corporate governance practices
  • Commitment to sustainability

Ongoing engagement with our investors and stakeholders is critical to our ability to continue innovating and is highly valued by our management team and our Board. We’re proud of our corporate responsibility accomplishments, and we will continue to evolve our practices where it adds value for our stakeholders.

The work we’ve done and conversations we’ve had during 2016 on environmental, social and governance topics have helped us shape how we do that. We speak with customers, regulators, investors, industry associations, nonprofits and others to understand a range of perspectives. We participate in forums like the World Federation of Exchanges’ Sustainability Working Group and the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges. We benchmark ourselves against other companies and our industry, and continually look for opportunities to demonstrate our leadership.

As we all know, change is constant. With that in mind, we are committed to an ongoing discussion on these matters and we welcome your ideas on what’s in this report and a continued dialogue on these important issues.

My best,

Jeffrey C. Sprecher
Chairman & CEO, Intercontinental Exchange
Chairman, New York Stock Exchange

Download the 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

View the 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

We look forward to continuing to engage with our employees, customers, stockholders and others to make an impact across the spectrum of issues that contribute to corporate responsibility. We will continue to bring our unique resources and capabilities to bear where we think we can make the biggest difference. Additionally, we will continue to convene our community of publicly-traded companies to help advance their efforts to be good corporate citizens.