Corporate Responsibility

Message from our Chairman & CEO

Dear Fellow Stakeholder,

We appreciate your interest in our sustainability program. While corporate responsibility has been an important part of our company’s culture since our founding days, the process of publishing an annual report for the past four years has been instructional in helping evolve our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics.

Part of that evolution is this report itself. Because ESG issues are an area of constant activity, we have enhanced our corporate citizenship website to provide more timely information that is tailored for various stakeholders. To complement our website, this report provides a few key highlights and a progress update on areas where we think we can make the biggest difference:

  • Women’s leadership - On our board, management team and throughout our ranks we are focused on ensuring women are well represented throughout our organization
  • Financial education - There is an acute need for financial education globally. From helping children learn math skills to preparing adults to make better investment decisions in an era of defined contribution retirement plans, we are focused on making a meaningful difference
  • Environmental markets - Transparent, market-based pricing helps companies make better decisions when allocating resources and investing in more sustainable technologies. Our markets help make that possible.
  • Corporate governance - As a publicly-traded company that plays a critical role in the operation of globally regulated markets, strong corporate governance is at the heart of everything we do

Additionally, our ownership of the New York Stock Exchange provides us with a unique opportunity to gather a community of innovative companies who are moving the needle on sustainability every day. Some are just starting on their ESG journey while others have led the way for decades. As the definition of what it means to be a sustainable company — and how we approach ESG — evolves, it is clear that we can all learn from one another. We are excited to play a central role in creating these connections and helping facilitate the development of best practices. Through panels, webinars, podcasts and web resources, we are helping companies better understand how they can most effectively reach their sustainability goals on behalf of all of their stakeholders.

Thank you for your interest in what we are doing in this important area. We look forward to your feedback.

All my best,

Jeffrey Sprecher Signature

Jeffrey C. Sprecher
Chairman and CEO, Intercontinental Exchange
Chairman, New York Stock Exchange