Corporate Citizenship

At Intercontinental Exchange our commitment to corporate responsibility is steadfast as we innovate and grow based on our customers’ evolving needs.

By identifying the unique role we can play as corporate citizens and leveraging our community of global companies, we strive to make the world a better place. These efforts take form in many ways:

Data Centers

We focus our energy management program on our two data centers, where we can make the most material difference. Our centers have implemented industry leading techniques to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and offset operating emissions. The building structures provide a high level of insulation and minimize outside air infiltration, reducing solar heat gains, lowering thermal losses and delivering a more efficient cooling profile and lower energy demand.

The most commonly used and cited metric for data center energy efficiency is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). At our data centers, we have consistently delivered a PUE that has outperformed the base building design by up to 14% by implementing multiple mitigation tactics including: optimized thermal stratification, data center air management, high efficiency HVAC chillers, speed control on cooling equipment and automated lighting control systems.

Our Basildon data center supplies 100% of its electricity from renewable energy. It was built to stringent specifications allowing us to attain the following ISO accreditations:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • BSEN 18001
  • ISO 50001

Office Facilities

We have renovated our largest offices in recent years to provide modern, well-designed and sustainable workspace for our employees. We consider the environmental impact when designing and renovating buildings, including putting in place energy efficient systems and recycling waste materials from construction.

After purchasing our Atlanta headquarters building in 2014, we initiated a major renovation that resulted in significantly enhanced energy efficiency throughout the building, including:

  • LED and motion-sensor lighting, managed by more than 4,000 automatic lighting control devices, that helps reduce our power consumption on average 20% below the energy code allowance
  • Exterior facing stairwells that decrease use of elevators and associated electricity
  • Computerized HVAC controls and multiple air distribution zones on each floor that maximize tenant comfort, save energy and reduce waste
  • High efficiency fixtures and tankless water heaters that result in water conservation and reduced electrical loads

We completed a restoration and renovation project of the iconic New York Stock Exchange headquarters located at 11 Wall Street in 2017. Those updates included:

  • Automated LED lighting control devices installed
  • Elevators retrofitted for greater efficiency
  • Equipment selected to deliver high efficiency
In London all three of our locations are ISO 50001 accredited for energy management and meet EU and UK requirements for energy use.

We rent office space in a variety of additional locations around the world, including major cities in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In the U.S., where possible, we lease space in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified locations. For example, our Chicago employees work in a LEED Platinum Certified building and our Houston team works in a LEED Gold Certified building.

Business Travel

We encourage employees to take advantage of video-conferencing equipment when possible to avoid travel. For daily commutes, we encourage smart commuting at all our facilities, especially those located in metropolitan areas that are served by mass transit systems.

  • We offer the WageWorks Commuter program to all U.S. employees. This is a pre-tax benefit account that is used to pay for public transit, including train, subway, bus, ferry and eligible van pools, as well as qualified parking, as part of the daily commute to work.
  • The parking garage at our Atlanta headquarters includes charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Our U.K. employees can take advantage of Cyclescheme, a government-backed program for workers to rent a bike tax-free up to £1,000 for use to and from work locations.

Around the Office

Additionally, in our day-to-day activities we are continually taking steps to reduce our footprint, such as:

  • Throughout our offices we strive to minimize printing and take a digital first approach to sharing information. Relying on our website, our employee intranet, email and various shared drives allows us to limit printers to one or two per floor in most cases and encourages our employees to share information electronically whenever possible.
  • New employees are provided with reusable water bottles and coffee mugs and encouraged to use them. Most of our offices stock healthy snacks and offer filtered water filling stations.
  • We have replaced plastic straws and other single-use plastic with recyclable or compostable materials where possible in our kitchens and cafeterias.
  • At the NYSE, where we host approximately 2,000 events each year, excess food is donated to the New York Common Pantry located in Harlem and redistributed to individuals and families in need or used in the food pantry. For food that cannot be donated, a biodegradable waste machine is utilized to break down food waste into water.

*Air travel based on estimate. Office energy use based on electricity consumed and estimates determined based on square footage.