Sustainable Finance

Committed to Environmental Sustainability.

We were early investors in the development of global emissions markets and we continue to support market-based solutions to environmental challenges. The establishment of a transparent, market-based pricing and availability of data helps companies make decisions on how to allocate resources and invest in new technologies and innovative solutions. ICE’s products provide open markets, price discovery and transparency, as well as an effective means to comply with the requirements of various government programs.

Carbon & Renewable Energy We started investing in environmental markets in 2003 through a partnership with the Climate Exchange, which we fully acquired in 2010. Now, with over a decade of investment, ICE is recognized as a global leader in emissions and renewable energy markets.
ESG Reference Data ICE Data Services is adding ESG terms and conditions data to its existing reference data offering for U.S. and international listed corporations to help investors better assess the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities in corporations.
Pricing Climate Change Risk We are collaborating with risQ to enable the municipal bond ecosystem to incorporate climate risk into project and investment decisions.
ESG Index Futures ICE has partnered with MSCI to launch the first suite of futures referencing MSCI ESG indices. The MSCI ESG Leaders indices are designed for institutional investors seeking exposure to companies with a strong sustainability profile and with relatively low tracking error to the underlying equity market.
Green ETFs NYSE Arca is the leading exchange for sustainable ETFs with over $6.8 billion listed.
ESG Indices Through our index business we administer, calculate or publish ESG-based indices, including the ICE BoAML Green Bond Index (Ticker: GREN) which tracks securities issued for qualified green purposes that promote climate change mitigation or adaption.
Green REIT NYSE lists the only publicly traded "green" REIT, Hannon Armstrong (NYSE: HASI). They are focused on sustainable infrastructure markets that reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions as well as mitigating the impact of climate change.
Sustainable Commodity Markets We are working with others in the commodity markets community to help increase sustainability including through our membership in the Global Coffee Platform and as members of a World Federation of Exchanges working group that is looking into the development of sustainability standards for commodity markets .

We are strong believers in the power of markets and think our highest potential to move the needle rests with creating market infrastructure that enables more sustainable investment. At the same time, we recognize that every effort counts and we work hard to mitigate the impact our operations have on the environment.

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