NYSE-listed companies are part of an innovative global community, with sector-diverse experiences. We are pleased to bring together a network of the world’s leading companies to learn from each other and exchange ideas on a broad range of issues, including ESG.


Podcast with Brian Matt - October 3, 2019

We sat down Inside the ICE House with IHS Markit’s head of strategy and innovation for Corporate Solutions Brian Matt to explore how ESG’s growth and evolution impacts both corporations and investors.

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Interview with Brian Matt - July 9, 2019

We spoke to IHS Markit’s head of strategy and innovation for Corporate Solutions to find out how investors are thinking about ESG.

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Interview with Howard W. Buffett - May 1, 2019

Buffett recently co-authored a book, Social Value Investing, on how to measure social impact. We spoke with him about why combining impact returns with business objectives makes a difference.

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Interview with SASB - April 15, 2019

Following feedback from issuers and investors, SASB’s views have evolved on where disclosures should be made. We spoke with the new CEO of the SASB Foundation, Madelyn Antoncic, to find out why.

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Interview with Just Capital - April 1, 2019

JUST Capital recently released its annual rankings on issues of just business behavior. We talked with JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker to find out how their rankings are different from other sustainability scorecards.

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Interview with GRI - March 4, 2019

Standards setter GRI is on track to add a new standard on taxation and payments to governments. We spoke with them to find out more.

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Webinar with SASB - October 10, 2018

We sat down with NRG Energy’s Vice President for Sustainability Bruno Sarda and SASB’s Director for Capital Markets Policy and Outreach Janine Guillot to discuss how investors are using ESG data and how sustainability standards are evolving to meet those needs.

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Panel on SROI - September 12, 2018

We spoke to Blackstone (NYSE: BX), Dow Chemical (NYSE: DWDP) and Kimberly Clark (NYSE: KMB) about how they are measuring sustainability.

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