We are focused on increasing and supporting diversity through three pillars:

Our broader
employee population

Our board of


Our employees

Throughout our ranks we are working to increase diversity with an objective that our employee population reflects the broader communities where our offices are based.

  • Pay Equity: We take a systemic approach to pay parity to ensure it is fair irrespective of gender or race, including conducting formal reviews of compensation on a “like for like” job basis
  • Training: Our training in support of diversity spans the spectrum of anti-harassment and anti-bias training for employees, to driving retention and development through our leadership and management training programs
  • Hiring: We take several steps to enhance diversity through our hiring process including diverse interviewers and outreach to diverse candidate pools on all positions, including:
    • AnitaB
    • Georgia Fintech Academy
    • Georgia State University
    • Kennesaw State University - Women in Data Science
    • HBCUs
    • NYC Blacks in Technology
    • Technologists of Color Atlanta

To hold ourselves accountable and provide transparency on our path to increasing diversity throughout our employee population, we are publishing diversity metrics for our US-based employees, including our most recent annual EEO- 1 data.

*Data as of January 2020. To align with U.S. government reporting requirements, data uses the traditional gender categories of male and female.

Our board

Our Board refreshment efforts continue to focus on diversity. In recent years, we’ve added four additional women to our Board, resulting in female representation of 38% as of January 2021.

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Across companies

We formed the NYSE Board Advisory Council in June of 2019 to increase diversity across boardrooms. The Council’s member CEOs agreed to leverage their own personal networks to help identify diverse candidates interested in serving on corporate boards. By tapping into the community of over 2,000 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, we were able to bring together candidates with companies looking to increase the diversity on their boards at events taking place in June and December of 2019.

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Gender Pay Ratio (United Kingdom)

In line with UK Government regulations, we report on the gender pay ratio at our Interactive Data European subsidiary.

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