COVID-19 Response

As we navigate our way through this extraordinary period, the health and well-being of our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders remains our highest priority and informs all of our decisions.

We put a team in place dedicated to managing our response, adapting to rapidly changing developments, addressing individual concerns, and sharing information across the company.

Message from our Chairman & CEO.

"The exceptional efforts of our team throughout this pandemic leaves no doubt that our people are our most valuable assets. I am extremely proud of their ability to adjust while seamlessly continuing to deliver for our customers throughout some of the most volatile markets in history."

Jeffrey Sprecher
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Intercontinental Exchange
Chairman, New York Stock Exchange


Knowing that we did not have all the answers and would be operating in an uncertain environment, we committed early to communicating with our employees frequently and transparently. The steps we took included:

  • Firm-wide emails sent frequently with updates on COVID-19, including key office updates, preventative health guidance, and work from home tips. We set up a dedicated webpage on our employee intranet with an FAQ, the ability to track office closures, IT tools, and links to key organizations such as the CDC and the WHO.
  • Robust paid sick and family leave pay for all employees and contractors.
  • Shifting all but a few essential onsite workers to work from home and we did not lay off or furlough any workers due to COVID-19.
  • Working with third party vendors to ensure previously on-site workers such as cafeteria, cleaning and others continued to be paid in full.
  • No government assistance.


We donated $10 million to a wide range of charities to help those impacted by this crisis across every community where we have an office. Click here to view our contributions.


Twenty years ago, we built the framework for Intercontinental Exchange with the idea that transparency and technology could, together, help global markets react and respond to volatility and uncertainty. With each global crisis, now including COVID-19, our resilient systems and infrastructure have delivered vital price discovery and risk management services to assist our customers at times of extreme stress. Through our exchanges, clearing operations and data services we helped our customers manage risk and volatility. We also deferred certain fees for customers in some of the hardest hit industries.